Friday, July 27, 2007

House shoes are called that for a reason

Originally, slippers were made for Japanese people who did not wear street shoes inside their homes. They were made for a specific purpose, to be worn inside the house. When they left the house, the house shoes would come off and the street shoes would go on.

Now that we understand the origin of the slipper, we can see that it was actually a good idea. I, myself, think they were a wonderful idea. No dirtying up your carpet by walking around in the same dirty shoes you’ve been wearing outside all day. But this is where the bomb drops. Like many other great ideas, the house shoe has become way overdone. In the past ten years or so, people have begun to wear their house shoes (not ones that look like they might be actual shoes, but obvious ones) outside of the house. Now I can understand running out to the car, or if there’s an emergency and they’re the first shoes you find. I can even see having to run and drop someone off somewhere when you’re not getting out of the car. But it’s gone TOO FAR! If I see another person walking around the grocery store, the mall or going to the movies in a pair of house shoes I swear I’m gonna have to bitch slap somebody. The only reasons other than those I already mentioned, to be wearing your house shoes outside are that you’re homeless and it’s the only pair of shoes you own, or else you’re really poor and, once again, it’s the only pair of shoes you own.

There are several other shoe problems in the world that deserve an honorable mention.

For instance, light up shoes should not be worn by anyone over the age of 8. I once saw a 3 ½ inch pair of clear heels that lit up. Do I have to say hooker shoes? The light up flip flops were kind of cool to… ‘til I saw a 35yr old woman wearing them in a size 10 instead of the kids they were meant for. . Do I have to say more about this trend of lighting up adult shoes?

And those awful flip flops with the giant flowers on the top need to go the same route. I once saw a woman who had to be somewhere between 50 and 65yrs old wearing them on a Sunday and yes, they did match her royal purple church clothes.

Do I need to say more.
I think not.

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