Thursday, March 22, 2007

airplane restrictions

I was reading the Transportation Security Administrations guide to what is and isn't allowed on airplanes nowadays. Of course, you are not allowed to carry on or check guns. Duh, right? But, and I do repeat but, you are allowed to check, in your luggage, parts of guns and other firearms. Am I the only one that's ever heard of people who can assemble and dissasemble a gun from parts. SO you can't carry a functional firearm or check it in your luggage, but you can check all of the pieces and put them together when you get where you're going. How fucked up is that.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

interesting quote

"I'll be more enthusiastic about encouraging thinking outside the box when
there's evidence of any thinking going on inside it. "
Terry Pratchett

I think the quote says it all.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Grover Was Single Red Monsterd By Elmo

Before I get started I have to say this. So much for writing something in this five days a week. I'm suck a slacker. I've had this blog less than two weeks and I'm already screwing up my plan to write in it. So, so sad. I'm just a sad excuse for a blogger. Now on to Grover and Elmo.

Here goes..

Today's topic : Grover was single red monstered by Elmo

I remember when I was little and Grover was everywhere. He was the one of the most loved Sesame Street characters. I know you remember the "cute, furry, adorable monster" that Grover will always be to those of us who love him. He could do anything, have any job, be anywhere, he was Super Grover and could manage to be silly the whole time and make us laugh. To quote wikipedia "Grover does not use contractions when speaking, giving him a distinctive vocal pattern unlike other Sesame Street characters, all of which tend to be child-like. In addition to his distinctive vocal pattern, Grover displays a wide array of eloquent and erudite articulation, suggesting a high level of education and sophistication for a 'monster'. Furthermore, he occasionally breaks the 'monster fourth wall' and references something for his 'grown-up' viewers." He was smart, funny and cared about more than just himself.

And then one day in walks Elmo. Grover being who he is, let's in this deceptively cute little red monster with open arms. This selfish monster who always refers to himself in the 3rd person. When is that ever not annoying. And slowly over a period of tie Elmo fazes Grover out until one day we say what happened to that cute blue furry adorable monster that we could relate to and who understood us like no other Sesame Street creature could? He was gone, that's what. There one day, Single Red Monstered the next. They even went so far as to write a sequel to the beloved book "The monster at the end of this book" that included Elmo who had the nerve to call Grover "Mr.Grover". And now the children grow up with Elmo, possibly the most annoying creature in existence. This is who the children of the world learn from. No wonder most of them are selfish little brats who could care less about anyone else.

Well, while recently they've tried to insert Grover into a clip every now and then. I'm here to say that I along with many people from my generation miss Grover and no matter how they try to "Elmoize" (yes I know that's not really a word, bu I think it fits) the world, I will be true to Grover. My hero. He'll always be super to me.