Friday, February 23, 2007

tiredness and sleep

I'm trying to put something on my blog at least on days that I work. Today's topic is tiredness. Is that really a word? Not that that's important. How is it possible to sleep all night and still be tired. Lately my issue is not getting to sleep, or even the actual sleep process. The current issue in my sleep life is going to bed. Now that may not sound like much of a problem. I mean, I'm 28 right? I should be able to go to bed. the problem is that I'll be really really tired. I mean, blurry vision, eyes on the verge of shutting on their own no matter what you're doing tired. Do I go to bed? NO. I just sit there and think about how I should really go to bed and maybe I will in a couple of minutes. Hours pass, and am I in bed yet? I think not. I'm still sitting there, fight to be awake like a little kid who doesn't want to go take a nap. It's like I should go to sleep, I need to go to sleep, but I just don't want to go to sleep. Who knows, maybe I'm just nuts. What in the world could be wrong with someone when they can go to sleep and they just don't. I guess that's just one of those odd things that make you go "hmmmmm?".

Thursday, February 22, 2007

My superhero identity (and yes, I was bored today)

I found this website today .

Here is my Superhero Identity For Today.

Name: Gravity Flame

Secret Identity:Myself

Special Power: Crackling Finger

Transportation: Turbo Submarine

Weapon: Quantum Bolt

Costume: Jewelled BikiniSidekick: the Professor

Nemesis: Melvin the Nasty (which is funny because I Actually have a brother named Melvin)

Tragic Flaw: Narcolepsy

Favorite Food: Cashews