Thursday, April 26, 2007

African AMerican Teen Literature

Ok, what's up with the lack in this area? Why is it that every book you find that could be placed in this category is about teen pregnancy, drugs or something equally bad. I'm not saying we don't need those books, but don't the African American children of the world need some literature that is more positive. Something where the characters look like them, but aren't worried about their "baby daddies" or how to stay off drugs and out of gangs, or whether or not they'll make it home or get killed in a drive by? While all of these are definitely valid issues faced by many of the teens in our society, whatever happened to the rest of those kids out there. The ones whose biggest problem may be that the boy next door doesn't know they exist, or what to wear to school the next day, or even what to say to that girl they've been crushing on for the last 6 months. Where are the books about the teen detectives and the teen geniuses and just the regular old teenagers who are more worried about hanging out with there friends than cleaning there rooms , "that look like us?" This is what I hear on a daily basis. Why is it that every African American Fiction book has to be about sex and relationships. With our teens reading titles like "Around the way girls" and Zane's "Afterburn". It's no wonder we can't get these kids to focus on anything else, better yet get them to something that might improve their mind. I'm not saying that those books might not be good books, but I just can't see a book called "Thug Matrimony "doing anything to increase the intelligence of teenagers. I'm going to stop here, I could probably go one for days, but I have better things to do.