Thursday, October 25, 2007


(Originally posted on on my MySpace.)

OK, I found this on an old disc I haven't used since college. I don't know who wrote it, maybe it was me, maybe it wasn't, but I thought I would share. This is it...

Did you ever think that there's some things you never learned when you were young that maybe might have been helpful? I do. For example, People are stupid. Not just plain old stupid, but "I need to be locked up and kept from influencing the public stupid" because as we well know, the stupid people in life tend to procreate much faster than the rest of us and add to the stupid people population like rabbits. There should be a stupid people's home. We all have our stupid moments but it should be there for those people who only have moments of sanity instead and spend the rest of their lives in a stupid haze.

Am I wrong, or did that just need to be shared. I know I have similar thoughts quite a bit, but then what can I say, I'm surrounded by more than your average number of stupid people.


Kay said...

I feel stupid alot of the time, not really "should be locked up stupid" but just "I don't know what I'm doing, I hope it's the right thing stupid." Perhaps you are confusing "Inconsiderate Jerks Who Are Allowed to Remain Unchecked" for "Stupid" I think Stupid is fixable, the other is forever.
*my two cents, I hope they aren't stupid*

Kirsten said...

Nah, not stupid. And we all have some of the fixable kind. It's the other I'm talking about

Cori said...

Stupidity can be fixed but Most of the members of this group refuse to fix the problem. Whilr there are those who are in the unfixable group who want to be fixed and can't be. Atleast that is what I notice working in the mental health field.