Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Damn Theives!

Yeah, I have 2 blogs and I'm pissed enough that I'm writing about this in both of them. Someone stole the rear driver's side wheel on my car yesterday. Rim, tire, all of it. I'm forced to drive around on that tiny donut tire (and why is it called a donut anyway, that's just stupid) until I can drag together enough money to buy a new rim and tire. The rim retail runs at least $179 and even the Junk yard is telling me $115. Where is the justice in life. Just because some lazy ass thief decided not to go buy a new tire for their car, I have to deal with the consequences. People need to learn how to take responsibilities for their actions. And do we think that the Police Department will catch these thieves? Seriously Doubtful. They couldn't even be bothered to send anyone out when I called. Just took the info over the phone and gave me a report number. A girl can't catch a break around here. You'd think that I live in some great big city, but no, just little old, takes 20min to get across town, 30 if there's traffic) Fort Wayne. I hope whoever did this gets some kind of debilitating disease and rots in hell.


Kay said...

Man, that's low, stealing a girls tire AND her rim. Jerks!

Lettie said...

Seriously, though. Is this for real? That just plain sucks. Good lord, what is wrong with that dude?

Stephanie said...

Thats just crap! Im sorry! :(