Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Heelys. How old is to old...

OK, this topic was suggested to me by my cousin, who is 13yrs old and just happens to own a pair of heelys. For those of you no in the know, heelys are a brand of sneaker made by a company called, of course Heelys, Inc. They have a wheel stuck into the bottom near the heal of the shoe. When wearing these shoes you can walk and run just like you normally would, but if you shift your weight onto your heels you can roll instead. Now I personally think they're pretty cool. If I was a kid I'd be all over them.

The question of the day, however, is how old is too old to be rockin' the heelys. In the movie "Employee of the Month" Dane Cook's character "Zack" was perpetually wearing and using his heelys. Obviously, it goes without saying that he was too old. But at what age should you stop wearing them. At what age does owning and using a pair just make you look downright idiotic? Well, after a serious discussion with the cousin I mentioned above, we decided that we would give a slightly vague answer to this question. The answer we came up with involves, not age, but education. We decided that if you are in Middle School or younger (that's birth to grade 8) then you're allowed to have the heelys. Anything beyond that, and you really just need to go find something else to occupy your time.

So let me repeat this for you one more time. IF YOU ARE OLD ENOUGH TO BE IN OR HAVE FINISHED HIGH SCHOOL, COLLEGE...ETC. GET RID OF THE HEELYS. YOU'RE TOO OLD. It's like seeing someones 40yr old mother trying to wear the same clothes as her 18yr old daughter. Or that old man who never figured out he was old and is still up in the club trying to hook up with the ladies who are a 3rd of his age. Let'em go. JUST SAY NO.

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